WordPress webmaster

We provide WordPress services to companies and organizations, esp. website maintenance, speed and security optimization, acceleration, migration, advanced configuration, customization and tailored programming. If you have a specific issue, we can help you with its solution. We’ll be happy to work as your supplier on outsourcing basis.

WordPress maintenance

We offer packages with prepaid hours for your tasks which include:

Website maintenance

For a single WordPress web site

200-300-600 €

per month

  • WordPress core, plugins, theme update
  • non public website copy for development
  • website availability monitoring
  • regular website audits
  • proactive reactions to incidents and outages
  • daily backups
  • improvements and optimizations proposals
  • max. prepaid hours: 0 – 2 – 4

  • regular WordPress core, plugins and theme update,
  • continuous website monitoring,
  • ASAP reaction to incidents,
  • a working unpublic website copy,

We will

  • resolve conflicts and errors that may occur when updating individual components,
  • eliminate errors that occur during office hours,
  • propose improvements and implement them gradually,
  • be responsible for website condition and availability,
  • be available daily on e-mail for questions and problems,
  • create new functions and customize website,
  • be working with non public website copy.

WordPress Optimization

The speed is very important and we know it. Let us accelerate your website to improve your online business.

  • We will remove (with your approval) unnecessary components.
  • We will fix invalid links.
  • We will clean the database (reduce its size and remove unnecessary data).
  • We will set up caching methods (compression, minification, etc.) on server and on client
  • We will reduce the data size of the largest images and all components.
  • We can make improvements in the code and rewrite key parts of custom files (theme, custom plugins).
  • We can also improve the settings of the server itself, if we could have access to it (does not apply to shared hosting).

  • The result is accelerated website on both mobile and desktop in a matter of seconds (depends on default values).
  • We work with core web vitals in mind.
  • The changes are sustainable and permanent.

Pricing depends on the website size and complexity.

WordPress Security

Secure your site and get rid of spam and other attacks

  • Update of the content management system and all add-ons.
  • Adjustments of WordPress settings.
  • We will set the appropriate plugins (firewall, antispam, 2FA …)
  • We will set up a regular check of the web content.
  • Ban of all attackers trying to log on, working anti-spam firewall
  • The result is completely secured website

WordPress customizations

We can do a lot for your website.

  • WooCommerce programming – new functions, e-shop maintenance, import and export tasks
  • new plugins implementation – ads management, custom post types and taxonomies, REST API
  • website and data migration, conversions to WordPress from another CMS, database operations
  • Linux server maintenance and optimization, advanced configuration
  • technical audits and consultations

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